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    Brannon Corp. offers commercial engineering services for projects located throughout East & Northeast Texas.  You can browse a partial list of our previous commercial engineering projects, or contact us today about your project for a consultation.           

    A brief overview of commercial engineering

    Commercial engineering is an area of engineering that encompasses a wide range of  projects and requires a diverse skill set. The term “commercial” is derived from commerce; accordingly, commercial engineering deals with any project that  seeks monetary gain as a result. This incorporates almost every engineering project except those done for the local or national government including both  retail and industrial structures.           

    Examples of Commercial Engineering

    At Brannon Corp., commercial engineering has been a part of our businesses and experience since we started over 35 years ago.  Examples of this work can be seen in our industrial, retail, and mixed use engineering projects, including the following:

    • Green Acres Baptist Church - Tyler, TX
    • The Cascades Country Club & Resort - Tyler, TX
    • Tuscany Village Shopping Center - Tyler, TX
    • Suddenlink Offices - Tyler, TX
    • Federal Express Industrial Facility - Tyler, TX

    Each of these projects was affected by the unique specializations of our Development Team at Brannon Corp. to create an end product that would not only satisfy the aesthetic desires of our clients, but also result in a profitable project once completion was reached. While these projects are each very different, they are all examples of the broad pursuit that is commercial engineering.           

    What is involved in commercial engineering projects?

    Just as the each project is unique and has its own set of challenges and opportunities, the skills required to complete commercial  engineering projects are very broad. As a commercial engineering firm, The Brannon Corp. is prepared to perform the following services as well as any  others that are needed as part of these projects: 

    • Planning, including land planning
    • Zoning assessment, rezoning, seeking special use  permits and special exemptions
    • Conducting feasibility studies as well as  environmental constraint studies
    • Planning for water resources
    • Infrastructure engineering
    • Construction management
    • Document preparation including construction  documents

    Residential Engineering

    Residential engineering in Texas requires a broad skill set, even beyond the skills and abilities needed to work in this field in other parts of the United States. In this part of the country, there are both delicate environmental areas and  historical zones where residential projects are either heavily restricted or even banned.           

    The Brannon Corp. has been working in North & East Texas for over three & a half decades, giving us the skills and experience base necessary to design and execute residential engineering projects in this  part of the country.

    Our Services

    Some of the engineering services our firm provides for residential projects include the following:

    • Preliminary  planning: While assisting the earliest stages of a residential community,  this can involve selecting the site for the community, creating a plan, and estimating costs
    • Rezoning  and permitting: In Texas, residential engineering can involve rezoning a site for residential development and obtaining the  appropriate permits for projects in restricted areas
    • Water resources design: In any community as well as in industrial projects, water  is an essential element. In residential engineering, designing a water resource  plan must address the availability, accessibility, and quality of water for the  residents
    • Road  design: It is important that traffic is routed in an efficient and  practical manner in residential developments, so residential engineers are  consulted in the design of this system for any residential project
    • Storm  water management: Another water-related concern for residential engineers  is the collection, storage, and control of water from storms so that flooding  does not occur and cause problems for the development
    • Construction  administration: Once a residential project has been planned and it is time  to put the construction in motion, The Engineering Group also provides  construction administration services to ensure that the structures match the  plans when they are executed

    Retail Engineering

    Brannon Corp. provides retail engineering services for projects located throughout North & East Texas.  You can browse selected previous retail engineering projects or contact us today about your project for a consultation.

    In Texas, residents can see the products of retail engineering every day as they go to and from work or run errands around the neighborhood. Retail engineering is a very specific part of the broader commercial engineering discipline, but like all practical applications of this science, retail engineers draw on the knowledge and skills of other engineering disciplines in the course of their work.           

    Retail engineering projects

    Projects that fall under this discipline can be as small as a single store or as large as a shopping center. Retail engineers may also design entire chains of stores to ensure architectural consistency across the brand. Companies try to create and maintain this consistency so that customers recognize the stores wherever they are located and have the same, positive, shopping experience at each of them.           

    Our Retail engineering services

    Retail engineering involves many services from the beginning of a project through its completion, as maintenance is an ongoing concern for commercial properties.

    Some of the services that comprise this discipline include:

    • Planning: Engineers develop a plan for the retail project that addresses the physical restrictions of the land, the client’s concerns and goals for the property, and the customer’s comfort and satisfaction in the future. This step includes designing parking that is sufficient to address the future customer flow and convenient for them to reach the retail outlets easily.
    • Road design: If the project is larger, this can involve roads that connect the various parts and allow for maintenance. It also addresses traffic flow from major roadways into the retail center.
    • Construction Engineering: Once plans and designs have been completed, an engineer may be required on-site to ensure that they are executed properly.
    • Zoning, permitting, and other document  preparation: In some cases, especially throughout the congested North & East Texas areas, it can be difficult to get a property zoned for retail use. Engineers with local experience can help with this process for their clients.

    Mixed Use Development

    Mixed-use development is becoming popular in many urban areas throughout the United States. These developments are a marked departure from the single-zone design plan that characterized most development since the 1950’s and reflect the changing priorities of urban residents. Engineers with experience in mixed-use development will be in demand over the coming years as  these communities continue to grow in popularity.

    What is mixed use development?

    Engineering firms can’t seem to agree on a single definition of “mixed use development” because it can take on different forms depending on the location. In general, these communities or developments use the same buildings and/or facilities for more than one purpose. This means that instead of being an apartment building,the building may also feature commercial businesses and be located with walkways to a public park. These developments feature some  combination of commercial, office, industrial, institutional, residential,  and/or other uses all in the same development. 

    Why is there so much interest in mixed-use  development?

    There are several reasons why this type of development is becoming more popular. Some of the most widely acknowledged ones include:

    • Land is scarce and extremely expensive in urban  areas and mixed-use developments make the most efficient use from a single  property. The ability to get revenue from sources other than rent allows  property owners to offer these properties at more affordable rates.
    • People are tired of commuting; they don’t want  to continue spending time and money on automobiles. Mixed-use developments are  focused on the pedestrian and are designed so that people can complete much of  their daily routine without ever getting into a car.
    • Mixed-use developments create a sense of  community in urban or densely populated areas where that sense was lacking  before. Being able to live, work, and play in a single area gives people a  greater sense of ownership even if they are only renting, and it allows them to  get to know their neighbors in a real way.           

    Challenges to mixed-use developments

    Although mixed-use developments are an innovative change, there are many challenges to this type of project. They require the cooperation of many parties, including government officials, developers, architects, and lenders, who may or may not have the same interests in mind.

    For example, without the proper infrastructure, people in  these developments may still need to have cars. If government officials aren’t  willing to dedicate the public transportation funds to support these projects,  the projects may fail because they are unable to meet one of their primary objectives.           

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