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Aquatic Facility Planning

Planning your facility starts with developing a full understanding of your needs and what you hope to accomplish with the facility. This includes what you want patrons to experience, construction cost limitations and the financial objectives you have for the facility operation.

We approach every new project with a blank slate. We have no preconceived notions of how we are going to design the facility before we have a full understanding of our client’s objectives for the project. Every project is different and our design efforts are customized to the uniqueness of each client.

We will never pull out a past design for some other client and pass it off as newly minted.

Thinking “outside of the box” is simply engrained as part of our company culture. All of our professional aquatic designers thrive on developing unique solutions to make our clients' projects successful.

Aquatic Facility Design

After planning your facility with you, we begin the process of fully engineering the intricate aquatic features and components that will make your facility complete. To design the details of your facility, we utilize our staff of the most innovative, creative and aquatics-savvy professional designers in the industry.

We engineer every detail in your facility in-house and produce construction documents for procuring bids and for the project builder to follow. We understand the intricacies and pitfalls associated with building aquatic facilities so that the final product is safe, functional, and above all meets your objectives as the owner.

Feasibility Studies

Often times the first step to developing a water park or commercial swimming pool project is to determine the feasibility of the project. Our firm performs these types of studies routinely as part of our overall services to the client. Feasibility studies are conducted to determine everything from the type of amenities needed at the facility and the demographics of the service area, to the projected attendance and probable revenue streams to be expected. Typical feasibility studies include at least some of these elements:

  • Conceptual layouts
  • Service area determination
  • Population demographics
  • Infrastructure improvement needs
  • Cost projections (capital & operational)
  • Attendance projections
  • Revenue projections

Specialized Aquatic Consultants

Because of our specialized expertise, we are frequently hired by architectural firms to serve as the specialized aquatic planners and designers on a variety of projects. For these types of projects, we work under the lead project architect to ensure that the aquatic facility portion of the project is professionally planned and designed to satisfy the client's needs and objectives perfectly.

Design/Build Projects

Many times we are approached by a client who desires the design and construction of an aquatic facility from a combined design/build team. In these cases, we have several expert pool construction companies that we team with to provide the client with the single source solution. We are extremely selective with the contractors we select for these projects. Because of our extensive experience in this business, we only team with "top notch" contractors when such a need arises.