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The continuing growth and complexity of aviation related activity has increased airport sponsor demand for comprehensive design, planning and management support services. Brannon Corp. is proud to provide a full range of aviation services for a diverse assortment of clients, including commercial service airports, general aviation airports, corporate aviation organizations and local communities. Our previous clients have benefited from a vast amount of services provided through our distinct consulting company. Our aviation services include the following:

Airport Construction and Design

We have extensive experience in airport construction and design under diverse conditions. Several of our past projects were developed under unique design requirements because of poor soil conditions, topography and other constraints. Such projects require innovative design and construction management techniques at which our engineers excel. We pay strict attention to design and closely monitor construction activities to ensure FAA specification compliance.

The construction phase of a project requires on-site control of scheduling, costs and quality to ensure progress and successful completion. We offer a full-time resident inspector on all construction projects to serve as a liaison for the client, contractor and our office.

Professional Integrity and Client Satisfaction

Successful consulting service depends not only on technical qualifications but also on professional integrity and a sincere dedication to client goals. Our firm’s philosophy has evolved and is nurtured by our extensive airport experience and the recognition that each client is as unique as the project. We maintain close working relationships with federal and state jurisdictional agencies and keep an up-to-date library of applicable regulations and advisory documentation. Every new project we undertake is a unique challenge to not only accomplish the project and client goals, but also to increase our base of “hands-on” experience and library of information for future assignments.